Developing Others through Delegation
Learn and apply the skills necessary to build engagement, project ownership, and empowerment among your direct reports.

Course Information

Start Date: On-Demand

Format: Online

Cost: $349

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape, the ability to effectively delegate is a vital skill that separates exceptional leaders from the rest. The reliance on individual leaders to manage multiple responsibilities and oversee diverse teams has never been greater. Delegation allows leaders to distribute workload, empower team members, and drive efficiency, ultimately leading to improved productivity and outcomes. Moreover, research consistently highlights that investing in employee development, a key aspect of delegation, boosts employee satisfaction and retention. In a world where organizations strive to attract and retain top talent, mastering the art of delegation is not just an option, but a necessity for long-term success.

But how can you as a leader know what critical items or projects you should delegate to direct reports and which ones you should not? How can you ensure that your reports will be accountable for their new responsibilities? And how can you help ensure that they are growing professionally along the way? In this three-hour workshop, you’ll learn the answers to these questions and apply the skills necessary to effectively delegate, inspire your team, and achieve sustained success.

Performance Objectives

By the end of this digital workshop, participants will have the skills necessary to:

  1. Explore the profound effects of delegation on both employees and managers. Gain insights into how delegation influences motivation, growth, and team dynamics. Learn the art of empowering others while maintaining accountability.
  2. Assess your readiness to delegate and identify areas for improvement. Acquire valuable tools and techniques to evaluate task suitability, identify potential delegates, and overcome common delegation challenges. Build the confidence to delegate effectively.
  3. Craft a comprehensive delegation plan tailored to your unique needs and objectives. Discover proven strategies for delegate conversations, setting expectations, and fostering open communication. Ensure a seamless and successful delegation process.


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Who Should Attend

The Developing Others through Delegation workshop is designed for leaders at all levels who are looking to enhance their delegation skills and drive success in their organizations. Whether you are a manager, supervisor, or team leader, this workshop is ideal for those seeking to master the art of delegation in today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape. If you are interested in distributing workload, empowering your team members, and driving efficiency while maintaining accountability, this workshop is the perfect fit for you.

Digital Badge

Participants who successfully complete this workshop earn a USC Marshall digital credential recognizing their ability to apply the embedded skills in real world environments, and are able to showcase the credential in online resumes and LinkedIn profiles
3 hours, self-paced.
Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure this course runs as described on this webpage. Sales for on-demand programs are final once a course has been launched. Refunds can be obtained for 100% of the program fee prior to launching a course.

USC Marshall Executive Education Applied Leadership Workshops are designed to equip working professionals with the essential skills and abilities necessary to lead today’s organizations.

Formatted as self-paced, performance-based modules, these workshops focus exclusively on one specific leadership skill and provide participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to apply that skill within their own organization.

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Teaching Methods

Online, Self-paced: Designed for current, working professionals, this program blends USC’s heritage of academic excellence with the flexibility of online asynchronous learning. Workshops include foundational learning content and best practices via video modules, articles, & podcasts, and reinforce new skills and abilities via practice activities and direct applications.

Program Faculty

Tim Blakesly

Assistant Dean and Director, Office of Executive Education

Tim Blakesly is the Assistant Dean of the Marshall School of Business Office of Executive Education at the University of Southern California (USC). He joined USC in 2018, bringing with him over thirty years of experience in professional services, specializing in leadership development. Before joining USC, Tim served as Principal and Managing Director at BTS, where he held oversight of the global leadership practice. Throughout his career, Tim has collaborated with top-level executives from Fortune 100 companies across industries as varied as: healthcare, biotech, automotive, medical devices, finance, luxury retail, insurance, and technology. He has been instrumental in conducting global leadership programs that have positively impacted thousands of leaders and managers worldwide.