Mastering Data Communication: Strategies that Drive Action
Learn the skills and strategies necessary to masterfully convert your hundreds of hours of work and expertise into clear takeaways that others can understand easily and be moved to action.

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Format: Online

Cost: $349

Business leaders are often presented with so much data it’s hard to interpret, analyze, and use to make effective decisions. More often than not, raw data presented to decision-makers lacks appropriate context and comes across as overwhelming. Statistics and trends are too commonly interpreted as numbers rather than the deeper challenges or opportunities they represent. This inevitably leads to misinterpretation of critical information and misguided decision-making, not only hindering strategic planning, but also potentially causing financial losses and missed opportunities for the organization. Altogether, ineffective data communication undermines the trust decision-makers have in the presenter’s data-driven insights. Undeniably, mastering data communication marks an important step in decision-making.

But how can business professionals and data-driven experts present data in a compelling and memorable manner? How do we bridge the gap between raw information and strategic decision-making? How do we transform our data into compelling narratives that drive action? Moreover, how do we ensure our data-driven presentations foster trust and confidence in our insights provided? In this three-hour, self-paced workshop, you’ll learn the data communication skills and strategies necessary to masterfully convert your hundreds of hours of work and expertise into understandable and actionable takeaways.


Performance Objectives

By the end of this digital workshop, participants will have the skills necessary to:

  1. Transform Raw Data into Compelling Narratives. Learn and apply the skills necessary to make sense of data trends within the context of your industry, align your data with decision-makers’ needs, and craft compelling narratives to ensure your analyses resonate with your audience.
  2. Humanize your Presentation of Data. Through real-life scenarios into statistical information, emphasis on the benefits to individuals and communities before delving into data-driven rationale, and effective strategies for handling questions raised by decision-makers, you’ll bridge the gap between data analysis and human understanding, creating persuasive arguments that inspire action and change.
  3. Craft Impactful and Memorable Visual Representations of Data. Master the art of creating visually compelling, action-oriented charts and graphs, by highlighting the important data points, reducing the cognitive load on your audience, and intuitively directing audience attention toward essential information.

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Who Should Attend

This workshop provides valuable insights and practical techniques suitable for a wide range of professionals and enthusiasts eager to excel in conveying data-driven insights effectively. Whether you’re a senior executive, sales and marketing professional, business analyst, or data scientist, this workshop has been tailored to any professionals and individuals seeking to master the art of translating data into impactful narratives for decision-making.

Digital Badge

Participants who successfully complete this workshop earn a USC Marshall digital credential recognizing their ability to apply the embedded skills in real world environments, and are able to showcase the credential in online resumes and LinkedIn profiles
3 hours, self-paced.
Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure this course runs as described on this webpage. Sales for on-demand programs are final once a course has been launched. Refunds can be obtained for 100% of the program fee prior to launching a course.

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Teaching Methods

Online, Self-paced: Designed for current, working professionals, this program blends USC’s heritage of academic excellence with the flexibility of online asynchronous learning. <br />Workshops include foundational learning content and best practices via video modules, articles, & podcasts, and reinforce new skills and abilities via practice activities and direct applications.

Program Faculty

Pete Cardon

Professor of Clinical Business Communication

Pete Cardon teaches a variety of business communication courses. He researches team communication, role of technology in leadership communication, and intercultural business communication. Professor Cardon previously served as President of the Association of Business Communication. Pete previously taught at the University of South Carolina for six years and Utah State University for three years. Before working in higher education, he held several marketing and management positions in the tourism and manufacturing industries. He is the author of Business Communication: Developing Leaders for a Networked World and co-author of Business and Professional Communication: Putting People First.