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The Competitive Advantage

Each year industry high-potentials from an array of global food industry retailing, wholesaling, manufacturing and supplier companies deliver their Capstone project presentations to industry executives, scholarship donors and faculty. This renowned capstone project is an opportunity for students to apply what they have learned over the 16 week program and strategically tackle current industry challenges.

Scroll below and experience each team as they present their innovative solutions to real problems.
CAPTONE PROJECT VIDEOS:   20232022     2021    2020   2019   2018    2017     2016     2015
Capstone projects – 2023

WINNER: Tech Groundbreakers

WINNER: Development Disruptors

Team Slash

Team EcoShifters

Team Digital Architect

Team Techni-Kart

Capstone projects – 2022

WINNER: Metamergent

WINNER: Fee Fighters


Bottom Line Securi-Team

Team Eradynamics

Imminent Force

Capstone projects – 2021

WINNER: Meat the Future

The Plan-demics

Team Reimagine

Tasting Tomorrow

Biodata Revolution

Capstone projects – 2020

WINNER: Digital Concierge of the Future

Re-cultivating Culture

Team Ecolution

Team Visionary

The Future is LatinX

The Manhattan Project

Capstone projects – 2019

WINNER: Team Revolutionizing Reality

WINNER: Unpackaged Profits

Team Pop n’ Shop

Team Labor Pains

Team Dynamic Disruptors

Conscious Capitalist

Capstone projects – 2018

WINNER: Waste to Wealth

WINNER: Healthness Partners

Team Paper Not Included

Downtown Solutions

Minds of All Kinds

Team Automation Evolution

Capstone projects – 2017

WINNER: Team Innovation Nation

WINNER: FoodTure

Digital Evolution

Human Flywheel

Big Data

Team Store-to-Door

Capstone projects – 2016

WINNER: Team Age of You

WINNER: Team Invisible Hands

Team 3D

Team Clarity

In Food We Trust

Team Recipe for Engagement

Capstone projects – 2015

WINNER: Digital Impact

Consumer Meritage

Team 360

Smart Store

Future of Food

Divergent Distribution