Network Security Associate Program (SDNS02)
The future is now - learn how to build and manage cyber networks while providing a pathway for a stable career.

Course Information

Course Dates: Coming Soon 2024

Format: Online

Times: Online, Self-Paced.

Cost: $22,750

Material fees and subscriptions: $125/month for duration of enrollment.

The Network Security Associate Program (SDNS02) develops a solid understanding of cyber networks and the foundational elements which are core to both traditional and cloud-based networks. The track emphasizes learning the inner workings of how networks operate, how they need to be maintained, and the necessary skills required to defend them against attack. The track encompasses both theoretical and practical learning as part of the 650 hours in course curriculum.

The Network Security Associate Program (SDNS02) provides you the knowledge and skills needed to demonstrate competence in network security for professional-level cyber and network security careers. The program prepares participants to write two acclaimed industry certification exams – Cisco CyberOps Associate and the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). Successful completion of these exams provides the participant with a globally recognized professional certification.

Cybersecurity Network Curriculum

The path to Cybersecurity Network certification requires successful completion of the 650-hour curriculum that includes each of the following courses:

  • Simulation Software (10 hours)
  • Python Coding Essentials (75 hours)
  • Linux OS Essentials (70 hours)
  • Prep for a Cyber Career (20 hours)
  • Cyber Essentials (30 hours)
  • IT Essentials (55 hours)
  • Fundamental Cyber Ops (60 hours)
  • Networking Essentials (70 hours)
  • Intro to Networks ((70 hours)
  • Networks, Security and Automation (70 hours)
  • Switches and Router Essentials (70 hours)
  • CCNA Certification Exam Preparation (10 hours)
  • Applied Organizational Behavior (40 hours)
Network Security Jobs

SDNS02 is specialized for employment as Information Security Analysts/Network Administrators. It will develop your (1) industry connections, (2) soft skills, and (3) resume and LinkedIn profile. You will be 100% job ready.
It is specialized program for those looking to be employed as Information Security Analyst/Network Administrators.
Studies have shown that Information Security Analyst/Network Administrators positions are ranked as the #1 Best Technology jobs in the US. They rank #1 in the 100 Best Overall jobs in the US and #1 as the Best STEM-focused jobs in US.  

Who Should Attend

Each of the three tracks in the Software Development and Network Security Program (SDNSP) is designed to provide the requisite knowledge, skills, and developmental experiences for anyone interested in breaking into this lucrative career opportunity. The Program prepares candidates to succeed on highly-valued, globally-recognized industry standard certifications. The program supports successful candidates in job search and placement with premier global organizations looking to strengthen their software development and cyber-security talent.

Digital Badge and Certificate

Upon successful completion, in addition to being prepared to complete the Cisco certification exam, participants receive a USC Marshall Certificate of Completion, as well as a set of skill-specific digital badges in recognition of the applied knowledge and skills obtained through this program.
650 Hours of Course Content. Approximately 20-24 hours per week for eight (8) months
Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure this course runs as described on this web page. Course dates, professors, and/or delivery systems are subject to change. Every effort will be made to notify you by email in advance if there are any changes. This course requires a minimum number of registrants to take place. You will be notified by email if the course does not meet this minimum.

Teaching Methods

Each of the three tracks is delivered virtually through expertly sourced and vetted content. This provides a candidate significant autonomy in selecting their own pace of development. A strong and committed candidate can complete their selected track and sit for the desired certification exam within eight months at the rate of 20-24 hours of work per week.
Educational counseling services are available throughout to assist the motivated candidate to structure and organize their time to completion.